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Real estate as an investment is one of the most highly performing asset classes throughout history. As the most significant asset class globally with an overall estimated value greater than $27.1 trillion, investing in real estate is more beneficial than investing in a mutual fund, bond, or stock. MyHomeCoin uses block chain-based technology to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with real estate capital raising, management and investing. This means the MyHomeCoin platform is positioned to improve real estate transactions by transforming them into the digital age, improving security and liquidity and reducing real estate transaction costs.


The blockchain can be used to track the entire real estate transaction process. A digital ledger can verify and codify the submission of an offer, the verification of title, the acceptance and verification of that offer, the due diligence process, financing, and closing.


To verify asset ownership, a real estate blockchain can be used as a single source of truth. This includes fractional ownership via a token, and all token owners will be publicly available.


The My home coin company aspires to provide a comprehensive ecosystem that brings together all key players in a single global real estate platform. MyHomeCoin believes it is time to revolutionize the way the real estate market operates by using smart contracts. MyHomeCoin uses blockchain and a disruptive 0% commission business model to revolutionize real estate transactions. Blockchain enables MyHomeCoin to operate without the need for a centralized authority, which reduces risk and eliminates many of the processing and transaction fees associated with real estate transactions around the world.



MyHomeCoin Token Maximum Supply

$MYH Contract Address (ETH Chain)


$MYH Contract Address (BSC Chain)


//Token Information


Name :My Home Coin

Ticket :MYH

Decimel :9

Max Supply :9,700,000,000(9.7B)

Custom written Contract

3% fee to LP

1% fee to charity

2% fee to development wallet

2% fee to marketing wallet



MyHomeCoin is an ERC20 and BEP20 token; these tokens are smart contracts that use a high-security standard interface that runs on Ethereum and Binance smart chain networks. The MyHomeCoin is backed by real estate and other high-end projects.

PreSale Start: 27st December 2021, 4:00PM UTC
PreSale End: 27th January 2022, 4:00PM UTC
Claim Period: 27th February 2022, 4:00PM UTC
Presale Price: 0.005$ After Presale Price: 0.006$

Road Map

OCT - JAN 2022

Tokenomics ✅
Launch Website ✅
Social Media Setup ✅
Presale ✅
Contract Audit ✅
2000 Telegram Members ✅
Marketing & PR Release v2.0
Preparation & Design
Pancake Swap Listing

JAN - JUN 2022

Coingecko Listing
Coinmarketcap lisitng
Listing Exchange
Listing NFT's
Marketplace Launch
Platform Feature Expansion
4,000 Holders
10,000 Telegram members

JUN - SEPT 2022

MYH Real Estate Platform Centralized
Exchange Launch
v3 Planning & Design
10,000 Holders

SEP - DEC 2022

MYH Swap Finance
Mobile App Launch
Continued Marketing

DEC - JULY 2023

New Public Blockchain
New Coin